Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're Going Down

Egypt these days is going through hell of a time! El Douweika accident, stock exchande markets drop, and inflation rates increase. What the hell is going on? Where are we taking our country & ourselves?
Whenever we start talking about what's going on in the country these days, eveyone starts saying "there taking us no where..." "how are we supposed to deal with them?"
Who the fuck are they? & who are them? We need to stop referring to hidden reasons & people as they & them, we need to start working on identifying our enimies - i prefer calling them competitors - & then start working on a strategy that would place us on solid grounds & give us the ability to face any upcoming dangers or threats. We always keep saying that it has to be an external danger or threat, while the internal dangers are much more serious. Internal threats such as ignorance, poverty, rudeness, vulgary & so much more. & when i mention ignorance, i don't mean people who don't get a chance to be educated. Unfortunately, i mean university graduates & Masters & PHD aquirers that have no idea about anything that's happening in the world. We get educated in order to have a certain role in life, which ofcourse is not weining & complaining. We get educated to be able to stand up for ourselves & make a diference in this world that we're living in. & when i mention poverty, i mean acts of poverty the are exerted by people who are well fed & even have good incomes just for being greedy. Then we come to rudenes & vulgary which are the main characteristics of the Egyptian people.
If you ask me where we're going or heading, i'll simply say we're going down, & there's no way in hell that we'd save our country from going down unless we start working on improving our personal problems. "IN MY DREAMS" Right!

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