Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Timing!

19 People were kidnapped on Friday the 13th of September & no one heard anything about it before the 21st. That was the wife of the Travel Agency owner. Despite all that it was out through the media on the 22nd only.

Egyptian media say: "the kidnapped were 15 people, 5 Germans, 5Italians, 1Romanian and 4 Egyptians. They were kidnapped when they were on a desert safari tour south os Aswan neer the Egyptian - Sudanese boarders...." & the kidnapers ask for 15 mill $ randsome, which is a mill for each hostage, Yeah right! In your dreams.
While at the same time Isaraeli media claim that there were 2 Israeli citizens with the kidnapped group and turned the whole matter to an Israeli issue. NO WONDER!

The real problem we're facing now is that this is not the first time this happens, but actually the third time. Which comes at a very bad timing, as we are in a very serious & bad situation Politically & Economically from all perspectives. Different media broadcasting different news about the incident, & all blaming the Egyptian Government & ofcourse the Egyptian people for what happened. But who else is there to blame if not us, & what's going to happen next?
Till when will we keep on going through similar problems & incidents? To tell you the truth i feel this is never going to end. Specially in a country like Egypt (Our beloved country) we will always face these problems & much worse problems, since no one cares. Not the people & certainly not the government.

This is really disappointing & depressing, not only because of what we will go through, but also because of what's happening to the tourists. Can you imagine yourself in a foreign country & you get kidnapped by freaki people that you don't understand what they'r sayin or why they kidnapped you or even what's going to happen to you. Oh shit! They must feel horrible.

Where to go Egypt!

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