Friday, September 12, 2008

What a Waste?

How many times in your life have you been deceived by the truth of people? How many times have you classified some one as a trustworthy & a respectable person & he/she turns up to be a double-faced liar? .... I guess that happens a lot. But what if there's a person that you've known all your life as a good friend of yours, that never lets out your secrets, & never mentions you in a bad way when you're not around. Then, you realize that this asshole you've known all your life, is a double-faced liar, with no true feelings of friendship, & no respect to people's secrets, & uses everything he/she knows for his/her personal benefits.

I guess this situation happened & still happens to thousands of people everyday,specially in country that's full of hatred & despise like Egypt. Have you ever thought of the cause of this problem? & how can we get rid of it?

This problem will always exist, because kids are being raised in the wrong way, & in a very unhealthy atmosphere. They're growing to see everyone around them doing the wrong things & asking them not to do it. The simplest example is smoking. You see the father or the mother telling their child you should not smoke, it is very unhealthy for you, while the father/mother themselves are smoking in front of the kid all the time. How can you be convincing & honest if you're doing the total opposite of what you're saying. & then when the child asks the father/mother then why do you smoke? The answer is always "it's a bad habit."
What the hell is that, the first thing we teach our children is how to manipulate themselves before even manipulating other people. Now that was the easiest & fastest example. Let's see another way that teaches our kids - the country's Future - lying & deceiving people.
When the telephone wrings & the father/mother knows it's someone he/she doesn't want to talk to, so he/she runs to the child & say, if it's "....." say that i', sleeping. How could they ask the kid to lie for them instead of teaching them to tell the truth always & be brave.

No wonder this is where we stand compared to other countries. People keep complaining about the government & other people who are stealing & breaking the law without being punished, & blame everything on the government.
Look closely people, who is the government? They are Egyptian citizens, who were raised & educated in Egypt. & if there is some blame for the government by 80% then the people are to blame by 2000%. People keep saying what can we do?

Well, I'll let you on the truth. The Egyptian people are wieners, the enjoy wien & complain on anything.
There is one thing i believe in, when a human being doesn't want to be ignorent & stupid, he trys his best to improve himself. Not stay as he is & start complaining, not lying & deceiving in order to make himself feel better about himself.

The Egyptian people were such great people long ago, what a waste! Some people believe that the world will be saved one day by the Egyptian people, & others are proud thet Egypt was mentioned 5 times in the Holly Quran, but they don't know that the Egypt that God almighty mentioned in his Holly Quran is not the Egypt we live in now. It's another Egypt, where the people hate each other, hate their country & may even hate themselves.
The Egypt mentioned in the Holly Quran, was successful, strong, full of good, loyal hard-working people. I really wish for a better Egypt before it all goes up in smoke.

What a waste!

The Critic.

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