Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bloggers of the world meet @ AUC

On Friday & Saturday the 15th & the 16th of May, the American University in Cairo witnessed an amazing event. At last bloggers from several different countries of the world met in the International Summit for Online Journalism, organized by Kamal Al Adham Center & moderated by the famous Yosri Fouda & took place at the AUC's new campus. 
The summit's agenda was very interesting where we discussed a few major issues, which included Drawing the line between Journalism & Blogging, Evading censorship & internet freedom. Which i believe r the most important issues & their sessions were so beneficial. During the summit bloggers & journalists had the chance to express different opinions & discuss them face to face for the first time & with people from different areas of the world & with diverse concepts & different backgrounds & educations. I personally believe the summit was a great success, specially that in my belief our objectives as bloggers & journalists were fulfilled. As we bloggers were able to prove to journalists that bloggers r credible sources of information & news, & writing with no restrictions & laws doesn't make us not credible enough or unethical. While actually in reality, a large portion of journalists in well known institutes, newspapers or magazines know nothing about ethics of press & use their jobs to blackmail people, & as one of the bloggers said; "a journalist should check the news he gets from anyone not just bloggers,"
The summit was a great experience, & i was very happy to have all these bloggers at the same place at the same time to discuss major issues & share experiences & different points of view & feel for the first time that bloggers have a very strong role in building up public opinion, & let's hope from god that we could some day make major changes & force governments to hear us & care more about their people; spread peace & always be able to show people the truth.

May god give us the patience, strength, wiseness & ability to make this world a better place.

El Monkez,


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