Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Obama Day in Cairo!

The 4th of June was a historic day in Egypt, it started calmly & quietly. The streets were empty & clean. It took only a few minutes to reach Cairo University, where we waited for President Obama to arrive, & on the way there, you can see no one but Police, Secret Service & the presidential Guards in the streets. The speech started at approximately 13:10. The speech was great & had a positive impact on many people. He covered all issues that needed to be addressed, & on top of all "Democracy"! But let's take it gradually,starting by the Israel Palestine issue to Democracy. I support establishing two separate, independent nations on shared grounds, & i like what he said & tried to address, but how can u establish a nation in 45 months, or even less. This nation that has been dissolved over the years with too much talk & no direct actions. President Obama said some great words, but he hasn't mentioned what kind of action will be taken towards that goal? How can we establish an independent Palestinian nation without Israeli efforts & with Hamas destroying every hope Palestinians dream of? President Obama mentioned the word "Patience" strategically in his speech, & of course we all know that patience is the key, & i really hope it is not the traditional use of the word to keep the world quiet while nothing actually happens. I really hope not.
Then comes democracy & freedom, which is one of the parts I enjoyed, specially when he mentioned governments that steal from their people, that are unjust & oppressing to their people. Which is the case in nearly all the Arab World. The speech is so positive from many different views & angles, but it doesn't give that much comfort. President Obama has a good will which he showed the world, but good intentions don't create nations & free people on their own. They need action, & we are waiting for the actions that follow that great speech of his, to make the world believe again that there's hope for Palestinians to have their independent nation & there's hope that freedom & democracy would be spread in the Arab World, & not being viewed as monsters & terrorists by other nations, there's hope that people could live together in peace as God said in the his Holly Quran.  

May god help everyone that seeks peace & justice in this World! May God give us the strength & ability to believe & take the right action. 


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